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This applet helps form arbitrary crystal structures using any Bravais lattice with any number of Basis atoms. With this applet you can add to the selected Bravais any group of Basis atoms and form an arbitrary crystal of the seven crystal groups: Cubic, Hexagonal, Monoclinic, Orthorhombic, Tetragonal, Triclinic, and Trigonal.  

For examples of common crystal structures ready for view, select any crystal from the Lib choice items in the lower right hand corner of the applet. Mouse drag on the unitcell itself to rotate the structure for 3D viewing.

If you know the Bravais lattice of the crystal, its composition, and location of Basis atoms within a conventional unit cell, then you can easily build the structure with this applet.  View the crystal structure in 3D with any number of unitcells in the view (1 - 8 - 27 - 64 - or 125 unitcells).  Rotate the entire crystal in 3D, view it in any angle, discern the symmetry, etc.

If you wish to work with another crystal in the same lattice or different lattice, then you can save the Basis that you presently have in the Basis library using the save button in the applet.  You can recall this saved Basis at any later time while you are in the same applet session.  [However, once you exit the Browser, the saved library is also lost.]

You can set the lattice parameter, and change the Miller indices for various lattice planes and directions.  You may left-click on the Miller index value to increase the index number, right-click to decrease it, and click on the top of the Miller index value to change the sign. See Detailed Tutorial.