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  1. In the depletion region (the white region), which way does the total Electric Field point ?
    ans) From the n-side to the p-side, because of the positively chanrged donor in n-side and negatively charged acceptor in p-side.  From the energy band diagram, E-field points toward higher energy : Field = 1/q dE/dx.
  2. At zero bias (click the "reset" button), you should see the electrons (blue dots) moving across the junction. Is the electron leakage current (from p to n) equal to the electron injection current (from n to p) ? Is it true for holes also ? 
  3. Under a reverse bias (negative p-side voltage, relative to the n-side), change the doping level of the p-side by using the choice box at the bottom and observe the electron leakage current.
  4. Under the forward bias (ie, p-side more positive than the n-side), use the "helper" button to display parameter definitions.
  5. Based on the above questions, do you understand the I-V equation for an ideal diode ?