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Electrostatics of MOS Capacitor

1.In the applet, what can't be the carriers to form the inversion channel under the gate ?

A. Carriers (electrons or holes) from the Source.
B. Carriers from the bulk semiconductor.
C. Carriers from the Gate metal
D. Carriers from the Drain.

2. Which  is not correct in following discussion for a MOS Devices ?

A. In an enhancement-mode n-channel MOSFET, the Threshold voltage (Vt)  has a positive value.
B. A heavily-doped poly-Si can  substitute Aluminium as a gate metal.
C. In a p-channel MOSFET, the Drain and Source regions must be a p-type semiconductor.
D. A MOSFET is a current-controlled device.

3. In a MOS Capacitor, Flat-band voltage (Vfb) is one of characteristic parameters  as the Threshold voltage(Vt). In terms of surface potential (Ys) at the SiO2/Si interface, what is the condition to achieve Flat-band condition when YB = |Ei - Ef|/q.

                     A. Ys = 0                                B. Ys = YB

                    C. Ys = 2YB                           D.Ys = Vt