Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Calculator Applet

It calculates various parameters of the metal-oxide-semiconductor structure.  Parameters that can be calculated are: metal-semiconductor workfunction difference (Wms), the flat-band voltage (VFB), and the threshold voltage (VT).  Also calculated are the oxide capacitance (Co), the bias voltage needed to create a strong-inversion condition in semiconductor (PhiSI), the maximum depletion width in semiconductor (xdm) that occurs under the strong inversion condition, and the space-charge or bulk-charge (QB) in the semiconductor under the strong inversion condition.

This applet is to be used in conjunction with other MOS and MOSFET applets.  This applet will be useful in a MOSFET design problem.  Links to other MOS applets will be provided as they become available.  

  • Type new values in and hit RETURN for the oxide thickness (to), oxide charge (Qo), or the semiconductor doping level (N).
  • Select the gate metal and/or the conduction-type of Si. 
  • The work functions (Wm and Ws) and the oxide capacitance are immediately updated.
  • For Wms, VFB, and VT, press the Recalculate button.