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List of Semiconductor Simulation Applets

  1. Crystal Structure 
    1.  Zincblende and Diamond structures ( GaAs, Si, etc.) : unitcell with a list of material property. It gives you the 3D views of the unitcell and the covalent bonds.
    2. Hexagonal Closed Packed structures (ZnS, GaN, SiC, etc.). An interactive 3D view of the crystal unitcell.
    3. Crystal Structure and the 14 Bravais Lattices (java1.3):  you can add various Basis atoms, rotate the crystal with one or multiple unitcells for a 3D view.  It has many example crystals.  You can also view the lattice planes and directions.  Crystal Structure in Java 3D !  (Java3D plugin maybe needed: use link in page)

  2. Energy Bands and Charge Carriers 
    1. Visualization of diffusion, drift and recombination of excess minority carriers in a semiconductor.
    2. Indirect recombination via an energy state in the band gap. It also introduces the four basic processes in the Shockley-Read-Hall statistics. 
    3. Energy Band Diagram and E-k Diagram 
  3. Charge Carriers and Fermi Level [Semiconductor Statistics] 
    1. Fermi Function and Localized Energy States and the Temperature effect. 
    2. Carrier Concentration vs. Fermi Level and the doping of donor and acceptor impurities. 
    3. Carrier Concentration vs. Fermi Level and the Density of States 
    4. Moderate-doping vs. Heavy-doping [non-degenerate vs. degenerate] 

  4. PN Junction Diode at Equilibrium
    1. PN junction diode and its band diagram. : simpler version (OK for Si, GaAs and Ge); improved version (with Ei, good for all semis).
    2. PN junction diode, space charge profile and electric field
    3. PN junction diode: approaching equilibrium. This applet shows device, charge profile, and energy band with carrier conc. 
    4. PIN junction: energy band diagram.  Applet is similar to PN junction band diagram applet, but with an intrinsic layer inserted.
    5. PIN junction: space charge and electric field profile.

  5. PN Junction Diode under Applied Bias Voltage 
    1. Biased PN Junction: band diagram and current components.  With a quiz.
    2. Space charge and electric field in biased PN junction.
    3. PN junction diode: C-V and I-V. (java1.1)
    4. PN junction and Schottky diodes: I-V. (java1.1)

  6. PNP or NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) 
    1. Narrow-Base vs. Wide-Base BJT.
    2. Charge Flow into/out-of the Base region.
    3. BJT Dynamic Operation (Switching). (java1.1), (original version) . (size =200kB).
    4. Small-signal equivalent circuit model (hybrid-PI model). (java2)
    5. General (large-signal) equivalent circuit model (Ebers-Moll model) (java2)

  7. Device Fabrication 
    1. PN Junction Diode : a multimedia approach to the fabrication steps. 
    2. n-channel MOSFET, both side-view and top-view and full photoresist steps. 
    3. BJT-FET pair on the same chip, side-view and full Photoresist steps. 
    4. CMOS Inverter, side-view,  device fabrication steps
    5. Fabrication @ various companies.

  8. Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) FET 
    1. Summary  Three applets on enhancement MOS (inversion threshold by Vgs; dependence on Vgsand on Vgd; and the I-V curve). (Java1.0)Java1.1 version. 
    2. Individual applets
      1. Channel ON-OFF behaviors. Inversion channel threshold control by the gate bias. (Java1.0)Java1.1 version.
      2. Channel ON-OFF by Vgs, Pinchoff-Continuous by Vgd. Inversion channel and drain current Id versus the gate-source bias Vgs and the gate-drain bias Vgd. (Java1.0)Java1.1 version
      3. Device cross-section and Output characteristics (Id vs. Vgs, Vds) The MOSFET output characteristics. Java1.1 version 

  9. MOS Capacitor 
    1. Principles of MOS Capacitor [Applets in this section contain sounds.  Please mute your computer speaker if you do not wish the audio.]
      1. MOS Charge-Energy Band with bias control. (Charge and Energy band: accumulation, depletion, inversion
      2. MOS Charge-Field-Potential  with bias control. Sound effect.
      3. MOS Charge-Energy Band, equilibrium state. Sound effect. 
      4. MOS Charge-Field-Potential, equilibrium state. Sound effect. 
      5. the Body effect. 
    2. Discussions on Threshold Voltage 
      1. Work Function difference between Gate Metal and Si : new; or old  (java1.1).  
      2. A MOS calculation tool for Flat-Band Voltage (VFB) and the Threshold Voltage (VT); w. smaller text font  (java 1.1). 

  10. Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)
    1. Output characteristics, Device cross-section, Circuit diagram.

  11. Amplifier Circuits with BJT or MOSFET 
    1. Circuit models of four basic amplifiers
    2. Single-stage BJT amplifier circuits (CE, CB, and CC)
    3. Single-stage common-emitter amplifier bias design (java1.1)
    4. Single-stage MOSFET amplifier circuits (CS, CG and CD)
    5. Different load types in an IC Amplifier Circuit (a CS amp example) 
    6. High-frequency device model
    7. Differential amplifier 
    8. Feedback in amplifier circuits

  12.  Nanoelectronic Devices 
    1. Single Electron Box -- Coulomb Blockade

  13. Digital Circuits 
    1. CMOS Inverter : The VT-matching issues (for the design of threshold voltage of MOSFET). 
    2. Transmission Gate : Simulates CMOS TGate operation in both directions.

  14. MOS Memories 
    1. Simulation of Read or Write operation ; earlier version (java1.1) 
      1. Sense Amplifiers :
        1. SRAM Sense Amplifier simulation (java 1.1) 
        2. DRAM Sense Amplifier simulation (java 2)
      2. Decoders :
        1. Row decoder simulation (java 2) 
          1. Pre-decoder simulation(java 1.1)
        2. Column decoder simulation (java 2)
      3. SRAM Cell simulation : 
        1. 6-T CMOS cell. (java1.1) 
        2. 4-T NMOS cell. (java 2)
      4. DRAM Cell simulation
      5. Shift Register simulation
      6. CMOS inverter simulation (java1.1) 
      7. MOSFET simulation(java1.1) 
  15. Consumer Products with Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Components
    1. CD-ROM and CD-RW Readhead (java1.1) : access via IE5.0 or Netscape4.7.  (size = 300kB).
      1. CD-R(Recordable) simulation(java1.1) 
      2. CD-RW(ReWritable) simulation(java1.1) 
      3. Light source : semiconductor laser diodes
      4. Light detector : semiconductor photo diodes
      5. Processing electronics - amplifiers, comparators, etc. 
      6. Digitized text (8-to-14 bit encoding/modulation and 3-bit merge channels)
      7. ...

  16. Heterojunctions 
    1. Energy band diagrams 

  17. Device Application of PN Junction 
    1. Photodetector
    2. Solar Cell : design calculation 
    3. Rectifier
    4. LED
    5. Laser Diode 
  18. Applets on Transistors (notcompleted):
    1. n-channel MOSFET drain characteristics
  19. Device Fabrication and Processing Technology (incomplete)
    1.  Self-aligned gate technology versus the conventional processing of MOSFET. 

  20. Problems general to Semiconductor Devices (incomplete)
    1. Space charge, electric field, and potential profile. With quizes. 
    2. Charge Supply/Injection thru Junctions, and Charge Neutrality. 
      1. Semiconductor as a container of electric charge. 
      2. Carrier supply by an Ohmic contact (junction)
      3. Carrier supply by a Forward-biased pn junction. 
      4. Carrier supply by a Reverse-biased pn junction. 
      5. A semiconductor contacted by two junctions.
  21. Interactive 3D Data Visualization 
    1. This applet visualizes a 3D function or a 3D high-resolution x-ray diffraction data.  The x-ray data are omega-2theta-chi scans on an AlGaAs/GaAs sample or a ZnCdSe/GaAs sample.



  22. [Comprehensive List of Topics]

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